My comedic resume


Whitney is a comedian who describes herself as  “just another nobody with things to say”. Her down to earth humor highlights the already-present ridiculousness of the day-to-day world. Her commentary is real and relatable, if not somewhat sarcastic. Whitney has always enjoyed making people laugh. She claims her talent isn’t being funny, it’s understanding people.


Comedian, Humor U; Provo, Ut — 2016-Present

As an official member of Humor U I have the privilege of writing and performing my own jokes on a regular basis. I have had opportunities to travel out of state, guest perform for local improv clubs, and participate in volunteer shows for charity events and local causes. As a senior member and officer of the group I also have the opportunity to provide feedback and brainstorm ideas with my fellow comedians. 

Social Media Manager, Humor U;  Provo, Ut — 2016-Present

Assist in advertising through social media as well as helping manage our online presence and outreach.

Guest Comedian/Panel Member, BYU Sketch Comedy Workshop– Summer 2018

Had the opportunity to perform at a summer camp for young comedians and then answer questions on a panel. Participated in an important conversation on modern comedy from the female perspective.

Actress, Infigo Films; Provo, Ut — Winter 2017

I had the chance to work with Bryson Alejandro on a comedic commercial for BYU featuring Alex Boyé.


Brigham Young University — Communications (Advertising/PR) 2013- Present

Current Projects

I recently piloted Thought Garbage, a multi-media platform for my writing. It involves a blog, an Instagram page, and a YouTube channel. It only has 2 blog posts and 17 instagram posts right now, but it is a passion project in progress.

Mock Ad Campaign

This is a mock campaign is my first experience in the advertising world, and the reason I fell in love with advertising as a career. I put this together last year along with a few other amateur advertisers. It was a fun project that we actually put a lot of work into. I acted as the account manager, assisted in research on the product, co-designed the layout, as well as wrote copy for it.

Please note I did not do this project on my own and my teammates were equally involved in all aspects. Our product was a tattoo removal kit called “Wrecking Balm Tattoo Removal”. They have since gone out of business… haha.

Please forgive the formatting of my PDF. It is way cooler to see this with side by side pages, but I haven’t figured out how to fix it that way yet.

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