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Whitney Harris 

Who I Am 

If you’re reading this you’re either really bored, or you stumbled upon my website or social media and think you recognize me from somewhere and you’re hoping this bio will help you identify me. If you happen to be in the latter group, I’ll go ahead and confirm that, yes, I am the Albuquerque-New-Mexico-Eldorado-HIgh-School-really-thick-glasses-thought-she-was-a-boy-class-of-2013 Whitney Harris. If you’re just really bored, I’m sorry you have nothing better to do than read about a stranger’s hobbies and favorite color.

Hobbies and Favorite Color

My hobbies include writing and pretending to be responsible. I mean those things are also my full time job, but I do them in my free-time too. I am a comedy writer. I have been doing stand up comedy for 3ish years and comedic writing for a few more. I don’t have a favorite color because the process of choosing one is a waste of time. I guess another 

Why I’m Throwing More Things The Dumpster We Call the Internet 

Two reasons. First, I have things to say. Lots of people have things to say. But most of those people can be divided into two categories. People who talk, and people who do something else. The first type of person is usually most impactful in the heat of the moment. They are quick-witted and always know what to say in an argument. The second type of person’s words become impactful with the passing of time. Their words grow in value and influence the longer they circulate. They aren’t always clever in the heat of debate,  but when given more time to think about it can compose a poetic statement detailing all the ways in which they will crucify your counter-argument. I’m the second person. 

Reason two: I don’t believe all the talent in the world is reserved for a select few.  While I’m currently using my writing skills for advertising, I like to make silly videos and memes and jokes… just like millions of other people in the world. In the creative and professional worlds, it’s so easy to compare your talent with that of others, and that comparison sometimes discourages us from perfecting our craft. Why be a comedian when Ellen Degeneres is in the world, right? Well we are all different and have something we can offer the world. That’s why I started Thought Garbage. It’s a launching pad for creativity. I truly believe that things we personally view as trash could be the world’s treasure. 

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Hi! I’m Whitney.

Image of Whitney Harris

Whitney is the creator of Thought Garbage. She is a part time Copywriter, full time student. Her hobbies include stand up comedy and pretending to be responsible. Jokes aside, Whitney hopes to be the best in anything she does.